More About Me


From being born and raised in Idaho, growing up in a small rural town, Cristian Garcia spent his summers working on farms where he learned that common sense, hard work, and good moral values are essential for getting ahead. With these qualities in hand, he became a pillar of the community, with his passion and commitment for giving back and helping others.

In the search for a change and better education opportunity, he found himself at Richard McKenna. A highly recognized school for their community service and volunteering. Upon arrival, Cristian began to surpass the average and began to grow his interest in real estate. Reading and taking in whatever he could find on the subject. On his spare time, Cristian enjoys learning about working on cars. From a young age, Cristian would buy and sell vehicles to gain a profit increasing his skill in sales. He, around his sphere, is the first to be contacted by many when in search of a vehicle. 

Cristian is committed to his clients and will provide the best possible service as he has provided to his community, Cristian’s ability to help his clients reach their goals sets him apart from other real estate agents. He finds enjoyment through helping others achieve their ambitions, his personal goal is to help you find your dream home, or take you to the next chapter of your life.